Assoc.Prof.Dr. Levent PARALI
Electrical Electronics Engineering
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Microwave Absorbing Materials

Microwave Absorbing Materials

   Microwave is the 300MHz-300GHz frequency electromagnetic waves are radio waves in a limited band of short wavelenght that is 1 meter (excluding 1 m) to 1 mm. between the electromagnetic wave, which is the decimeter and centimeter wave, mm wave collectively. Microwave frequencies than the average high frequency radio waves, often referred to as "ultra-high frequency electromagnetic waves" . The basic nature of microwave is usually presented as the penetrration, reflection, absorption of three properties. For glass, plastic and ceramics, microwave is almost through without being absorbed. For water and food the microwave, and makes self-heating. The pairs of metal things, will be reflected microwave.


   Microwave absorbing material is "electric magnetic and eddy current loss-type absorbing mechanism" refers to the loss of electromagnetic wave into the absorbing material inside the material effectively absorb the energy is transformed into heat or other forms of energy and dissipation away.



 Microwave Absorbing Materials ve Components Product Categories

• Microwave Absorbing Materials (Foam)
• Microwave Absorbing Materials (Rubber)
• Microwave Absorbing Materials (Coating)
• Ferrite Absorbing Block
• Absorbing Putty
• Special Absorbing Ring and Block