Assoc.Prof.Dr. Levent PARALI
Electrical Electronics Engineering
Wer nichts weiß, liebt nichts.
  Wer nichts tun kann, versteht nichts.
     Wer nichts versteht, ist nichts wert.
        Wer meint, alle früchte würden gleichzeitig
           Mit den erdbeeren reif, versteht nichts von den trauben.




   The reliability of measurement techniques is ensured by taking advantage of accurate measurement methods and in addition to this by minimizing the measurement errors which would occur due to the external effects such as the interaction of product, observer, device or environment.

   Most of the measurement elements which are involved in the measurement systems used both in industrial and scientific area makes us measure the temperature, pressure, vibration, frequency, force, shock, weight, tension, strain, stress, voltage-current-resistance, sound, noise,light, digital signals and so on.

   Among these, the temperature measurements done by thermocouple are really important. Especially in the industrial field implementations, the temperature measurement and the accurate control of the temperature is directly related with the quality of the product. The satisfaction of customer will be provided by increasing the quality of the product.

   Accurate temperature measurement in scientific area researches is also very significant to combine and compare the theoretical works and practical implementation results and finally to reach a correct inference. According to this reason as the technological improvements increase, the development in the measurement systems will also continue to increase.

   In this working field, after giving some general information about Metrology Science - Quality Standards, measurement systems, the implementation of these measurement systems are explored and it is started to be worked on computer controlled real time measurement systems.

   By the help of the real time measurement method which is used to measure temperature, the temperature change in the measuring point can be detected and taken into account in a very short time, to say in nanoseconds, by using computers. This gives us an idea about to what point the technological improvements come. Related to this topic, an application named “Computer Controlled Real Time Temperature Measurement System” is developed by the help of configurable embedded system hardware which is produced by National Instruments and the virtual instrumentation program development platform, named LabVIEW.

   By using “Computer Controlled Real Time Temperature Measurement System” computer based measurement monitoring and control user interface is designed. Moreover, by this feature it is provided that all temperature measurements are recorded in the computer environment.

   Integrating Measuring Systems which are considered for future use and Metrology-Calibration applications which are involved in ISO Quality Systems will be realized by the help of infrastructure of the application, which is designed as a modular system.